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Vital stats

Today's Winter Misery Index (on a scale of 1-10): 10

Cumulative Winter Misery Index points this season: 219

Departure from norm: -55

April Fool's blizzard pix

The Roslindale Snowcam: See just how much snow we've gotten.

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Go ahead, snow, we can take it!

[] []Nor'easter City!!!
"People in New England have got to get used to the idea that it is not going to stop snowing right away."
-- National Weather Service Meteorologist Paul Head (Boston Globe, 1/9/96)
Thanks, Paul!

Hey! Who said winter could start?!?

The weather

Is that just a bit too much glee we hear in the voices of the Channel 5 weather forecasters? The local National Weather Service office is always good for a cheery winter-storm warning or flood watch. Oh, and guys (and Mish), what's the deal with this Mt. Washington fixation? Do you really need to tell us time after time after time that it's -40 with winds gusting to 200 m.p.h. up there? Isn't that sort of like reminding us that the sun rose this morning?

Jump over to or to the #weather channel on IRC (nightly conferences start at 8 p.m.) and vent some steam. Sure, it's not REALLY their fault, but somebody's got to take the blame.

For the record, here's the definition of a blizzard. And journey back into time with these photos from the Blizzard of '78 (hey, a major part of Boston Winter Misery is hearing about that blizzard over and over and over again).

It's not the cold, it's the humidity. See just how cold it REALLY is, at least for exposed flesh, courtesy of the National Center for Atmospheric Research's Windchill table.

Oh my God, we're going to die!

Here are Bill Haskett's tips on How Not to Die in a Boston Winter. One thing he doesn't discuss is the ritual playing of winter frisbee in Weston.


Storm Force is NOT a skinhead Web site - it's a place to find out what's closed today.

Parking and driving

Boston has official winter traffic regulations. Not that you'd ever know it from driving around. By springtime, residential streets look like a rummage sale hit by a tornado - pieces of furniture, recycling bins and other oddments scattered all over the place as people desperately claim "their" parking spaces. It's a quaint Boston tradition that only occasionally leads to fist fights. And remember, once you leave your space, that Boston drivers are even more fun in the wintertime - there's nothing quite like sailing through a red light because you're afraid you might go into a skid if you try to brake. Barry Shein helps us out with his Rules of Boston Winter Driving and Other Helpful Tips

The flu

While you're locked up in the house and the kiddies are driving you nuts, think about all the fun you'll have when everybody comes down with the flu all at once. See how the flu virus replicates. Oh, and don't forget to take a gander at photographs of the beastie.

More things to worry about

Two words: Ice dams.

Most of the local geography was shaped by glaciers. Are they coming back? Be on the lookout for these early signs of glaciation.

Some parting words:

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