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Outlet shopping

Want to do some serious shopping? Rte. 1 in Maine, from Kittery to Freeport, is Highway to the Outlets.

Kittery, just over the New Hampshire line, about an hour north of Boston, has a solid mile of outlets. Freeport, another 30 minutes or so north of Kittery, is an Olde New Englande Village turned into scads of outlet stores, all clustered around L.L. Bean, an outdoor clothing and supply store that never closes (so if you need to buy a canoe at 2 a.m. on Christmas, now you know where to go).

The Kittery stores are all in malls with large parking lots. Freeport, being a one-time village center, has some on-street parking as well as lots a block or two off the main street, where you can basically park for your visit, then walk to the different shops. If you decide to stay over, Freeport has a number of hotels and B&Bs. Many of the B&Bs are right in the main shopping area.

To get to both places from Boston, take I-93 north to I-95 into New Hampshire and Maine. As soon as you cross into Maine, look for the signs to Kittery.

A picturesque side trip is to Nubble Light on Cape Neddick in York Beach. It's your basic classic Maine lighthouse on a rockbound shore, just north of Kittery off Rte. 1-A.

Also worth a possible detour: Ogunquit, known for its boutiques, restaurants and ocean-side walking path.


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