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Most major chains have hotels in Boston. If you stay in the Back Bay or downtown, you're only a short walk or subway ride away from major attractions (and most of the hotels are in these two areas). There are a number of hotels in Cambridge; they're also a short subway ride away. An alternative: B&Bs abound in the area.

In general, Boston is NOT a cheap place to stay. If you want to stay down, count on hefty charges (although there are a couple of relatively inexpensive places, such as the Milner and the Irish Embassy Hostel).

Also, in general, try to make your reservation as early as possible. There are certain times when rooms fill up particularly quickly: Patriots' Day (the Monday closest to April 19), which is when the Boston Marathon runs; the last two weeks in May (college graduations); July 4th (the Pops concert); mid-October (the Head of the Charles, which is to sculling what the Marathon is to running); and New Year's Eve.


Hey Boston visitors take it from some one that was born and raised there; you want to stay some where reasonable yet close to downtown Boston? Stay at the Hyatt in Cambridge right on the Charles River. They have a shuttle that brings you right over the bridge in to Boston and to stay there? It's very clean, reasonable and very convenient to everything. Don't even try to stay in Boston anywhere. This way you can check out Cambridge too! Take a walk over the "prison point bridge" or that's what WE called it for years; right in to Charlestown and check out where I hung out for all those years, the Bunker Hill Monument and have a 'cold one" in the Warren Tavern while you're at it!

Marnie on October 16, 2004 09:54 PM.

Pls do not say on this site that Farrington Inn is somewhere people can stay in Boston.
I had an horrible time there and I had not money back.
Can you help me in an official complain?

From Italy,

D. Polidoro

Domenico Polidoro on January 24, 2005 01:57 AM.

Adult family of 6 coming to Boston end of October, can anyone tell me about the Milner?

a on September 8, 2005 10:17 AM.

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