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Freedom Trail

Boston played a critical role in the Revolution, from the Boston Massacre to the Boston Tea Party to Paul Revere's ride [More Boston history info]. The Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile red line in the sidewalk that links 18 historic sites downtown and in Charlestown, from Revolutionary graveyards and Old Ironsides to the shops of Quincy Market, the State Houses (both old and new) and Boston Common.

A good place to start is the visitor center for the Boston National Historic Park, where you'll find brochures to help you understand what you're seeing (free guided tours are also available) - along with the all important restrooms. You can also get information on the numerous bus and "trolly" tours of the city - some of which let you get on and off as particular sites catch your fancy. The center is next to the Old State House and the State Street T stop on the Blue and Orange lines (the exits are actually in the Old State House); a couple of blocks from Quincy Market (the Park Service also has a desk in the Faneuil Hall building).


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