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Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Also known as Quincy Market by the locals, this historic, "festival" market features tons of shopping (including a way-cool toy store called Zoinks). The food court is WAY better than the one in your local mall - features real food in zillions of cuisines. Tends to be short of seats, but if it's nice out, you can sit on a bench outside and throw food at (um, to) the pigeons. Or, if you want a classic Boston experience, go to either Durgin-Park in the marketplace for some classic Boston food (you can even get baked beans) served communal style, or walk a block to the Union Oyster House, which is not only historic (oldest restaurant in America) but kid-friendly (free coloring books).

If you're visiting the marketplace on a Friday or Saturday, walk a block to Haymarket for some classic Boston street theater. On those days, Haymarket is a large fruit and vegetable market, where the prices are cheap and the vendors are rowdy. Hint: If you go, get pizza at Haymarket Pizza right in the middle of it all - it's good and fresh and a lot less expensive than the pizza at Quincy Market.

Older kids might appreciate the Holocaust Memorial (basically across from the Union Oyster House).


I'm trying to find coffee mugs with "Cheers" printed on them....also T-shirts (also Cheers). Can you help me with some information on where to find these things, please?

Rosalie Beard on November 18, 2004 11:39 PM.

Haymarket Square - there used to be a mill pond - is, indeed, a beautiful place. The State House sits atop the shortened Beacon Hill. There are interesting places to visit in the South End, West End, the Financial District of the city, and Chinatown.

Maia Grunwald on January 15, 2008 06:46 PM.

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