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It started as a discussion in the Wicked Good Conference: What are some of the weird things you've seen on Boston public transit? Read on (or submit your own story). But first, this word from Kim:

I actually did a paper for my Anthropology class back in 1996 about oddities on the T. I thought it would be interesting to observe "human" behavior on the T, so I had categorized "ordinary" behaviors into "sleeping," "reading," "listening to music," "staring into space," and "chatting." I was on the Orange Line on the end seat next to the door when I heard a voice just behind me (leaning against the door) say "You need a category for people looking over your shoulder."

July 20, 2004

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What's that smell?

Erika plans to avoid the Green Line around 3 p.m. from now on:

... He and I sat down at the same time, and I couldn't help but fear that people would think that the heavy cloud of stench was coming from me. He was well-dressed and otherwise neat in appearance, but it was all I could do to hold back the choking noises. ...

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June 23, 2004

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go

Gregory writes:
On Dec 31, 2002, I was at first night with a couple of friends. We got out at the Boylston station, where, walking toward the exit, I saw a guy with his back to us, facing the escalator, checking to see if anyone was looking. As we walked past him, it became clear that he was....let's say he was using the escalator as one would a urinal. Interesting choice.

Stahting to love Boston

Jane explains how she's starting to love Boston: She's on the Green Line when she gets to talking to a guy from North Carolina and his young daughter who had just toured Fenway Park:

She gives me a million watt smile and asks me if I want to know what she has learned about Boston. Of course I say, SURE.

She responds in a true Boston accent: "Nomaaaaaaar is wicked ahhhhhsome."

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June 14, 2004

Extending the T

Beth writes:
I was riding in to downtown Boston on the Orange Line, from the Malden Station stop. Seated next to me was a little boy who was REALLY excited to be on the train. He stared out the window and narrated everything to his mother: Trees! I see tracks! What's that light?! Are we going into a tunnel now?

And at every stop, he turned to his mom to show him where we were on the subway map posted next to them. He was on his way to figuring out all the lines on the system, and finally his mom just started reading off all the Orange Line stops to him to satisfy his curiosity. "Community College, North Station, Haymarket, State, Downtown Crossing..." She got to the Chinatown stop, and he was suddenly riveted. Eyes wide, he looked up at her.

"You mean, this train goes all the way to China?"

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