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Yellow Line

NOTE: Here are older Boston subway stories. For more current T tales, see Universal Hub's MBTA pages.

Compiled by Adam Gaffin

Busted buzzer

On and off Arlington resident writes:
I was getting on the 62 bus out of Alewife to ... wherever ... and writen all over the inside was "Buzzer doesn't work, call out stop!" All over the place! Alot of the busses buzzes' dont work but atleast one driver did something about it.

Bus driver with ADD?

Kingdafy writes:
One time riding the 66 from Harvard Square to Coolidge Corner, I had a bus driver that had ADD or something. He kept overshooting the stops. I thought he was just a bad driver misjudging the breaks or something, but then at one point, somebody was standing by the front door waiting to get off but the driver didn't stop and the passanger had to tell him. The driver appologized and pulled over. He kept doing that the entire time... when somebody wanted to get on, he didn't realize it until we were passing them, then he would stop and the people would have to run to catch up with the bus. Luckily there was a red light at Coolidge Corner so he had to stop and let me off.

Honk, honk!

Neal G
One time while riding the #106 bus on Salem Street in Malden, headed towards Melrose, the bus's horn began to honk uncontrollably (a short circut I guess). The driver looked a little confused and embarrassed and we were drawing a lot of attention, it was lunch time and there were people on the street, looking at the bus, probably thinking 'what's her problem?'. After a few minutes of this happening the driver opened her window and started to smile and wave to the people on the sidewalk. It was so funny to see people wave back and smile. A few of the passengers joined in on the waving too. It was a one float parade. The honking stopped a few minutes after that, I couldn't stop laughing the whole way to Melrose.