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Purple Line

NOTE: Here are older Boston subway stories. For more current T tales, see Universal Hub's MBTA pages.

Compiled by Adam Gaffin


Jason writes:
A couple of months ago I was riding the commuter rail (Kingston-Plymouth line) with a friend of mine to my parents house. Nobody was coming on the PA to announce the stops so every few stops I would glance out the window to see where we were at. At one point I looked out the window to see that we were pulling away from our stop and rather than miss my ride I grabbed my bag and yelled at my friend to 'come on.'

I grossly underestimated the commuter rails ability to accelerate because by the time I got to the door the platform was flying by. But there was no time
for common sense so I leapt out of the train throwing my bag down in front
of me to help break my fall. My friend came running after me but stopped at
the last minute having second thoughts. Its a good thing too. Just as she
stopped herself the rail at the end of the platform went whizzing by.

The train usually wins

PM writes:
This past spring, I was waiting for my train at West Concord, and as it came towards us, a woman on the opposite side walked towards the crossing as if she were going to cut over to make the train.

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Fishy story

Kingdafy writes:
I was in Worcester over the weekend visiting a couple friends who are in college. One of them is going home for the summer soon and asked me if I could take care of her fish until she gets back. She couldn't find anybody else, so I agreed. I asked for some plastic wrap so I wouldn't spill any water, but she didn't have any... she didn't have a lid, or a bag, or anything.

So, I had to carry this fish (along with a large, heavy duffel bag) in a taxi, on the commuter rail, and on the orange line. I spilled water all over me, the taxi, and the commuter rail, but somehow didn't spill any on the orange line. I managed to get the fish home safe and sound... my roomate named it Sushi.

So, next time you're on the commuter rail to Worcester, you could be sitting in a seat I spilled fish water on.

A slippery slope

Steve writes:
The day after a huge snow storm I was waiting for the commuter rail in Roslindale Village. The train was pulling up, and out of the corrner of my eye I see this guy running trying to beat the train. Just as he was crossing the tracks he stepped in some deep snow and fell. The guy tried to get up but he slipped in the snow. Then he crawled off the tracks a few seconds before the train came. I've never seen anything like it.

Lost glasses found

Kingdafy writes:
A couple years ago, I was on the commuter rail between Littleton and Porter Square and I somehow lost my glasses on the train. I had just purchased these glasses about two weeks prior and was not happy about it. The next day, I had the same conductor and I asked if he had found any glasses and he actually had thim with him in his pocket. He was going to turn them into the lost and found if nobody claimed them first. If I had lost them on a subway train, they would have been gone. I'm glad there are still some nice people in the world.

Not all it's cracked up to be

On the commuter train to Lowell once, I had two guys sitting in the seats an aisle across talking about how good they felt finally being clean (drugfree) for 2 weeks and then they both lit up a crack pipe to celebrate!

And yes, I had to change seats...I wasn't sure if crack fumes are conducive to a train journey.