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Sandra writes:

Okay now I know the T gets crowded but c'mon now people! How many men out there really think they can successfully get away overtly with griding themselves against women riders standing (or sitting next to them) irregardless of whether they are drunk or sober? (And I've seen both) This really should not be a problem that women should have to encounter in their daily lives, commuting on the T. There is one ridiculous little older man with longer white hair who has this awful habit of leaning himself (if you know what I mean) against women's sholders when they are seated while pretending to be engrossed in his newspaper. I complained to another girl friend about what a crazy loser this guy is and she surprised me by saying that he also harassed her on the T as well. I can't say how many times I've been forced to really yell at guys who were clearly out for some lame cheap thrill when the T was clearly "not THAT crowded". Didn't there use to be a time where people had some manners and decency? These guys are really pathetic!

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