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Politics on the Red Line

Ben reports:

A guy got on the Red Line today looking a little drunk and wearing a top hat with the words "Manifesto Heterosexual Holocaust" (huh? those words all mean something, but I couldn't figure them out as a sentence.) He sat quietly for a few moments before he started yellingat us all "They let homosexuals parade around the Common!" and on and on, something about this about being the end of heterosexuals and something about how they wanted to violate us all. He seemed pretty upset about it. ...

Dan says:

So I got on the T from Kendall to Central after hitting the Ghettoria and I saw this flier. A photocopy of a G.W.Bush picture with the word ASSHOLE above it. I was yeah, right on. Its protesting Bush's $2000 a plate dinner at the Park Plaza Hotel. ...
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Don't be so naive! Do you think all of John Kerry's campaign dinners are free?

June 2, 2004 06:36 PM

"Don't be so naive! Do you think all of John Kerry's campaign dinners are free?"

lol cj

June 18, 2004 10:39 AM

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