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Jason writes:
A couple of months ago I was riding the commuter rail (Kingston-Plymouth line) with a friend of mine to my parents house. Nobody was coming on the PA to announce the stops so every few stops I would glance out the window to see where we were at. At one point I looked out the window to see that we were pulling away from our stop and rather than miss my ride I grabbed my bag and yelled at my friend to 'come on.'

I grossly underestimated the commuter rails ability to accelerate because by the time I got to the door the platform was flying by. But there was no time
for common sense so I leapt out of the train throwing my bag down in front
of me to help break my fall. My friend came running after me but stopped at
the last minute having second thoughts. Its a good thing too. Just as she
stopped herself the rail at the end of the platform went whizzing by.

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