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The Mattapan line

Round the yahd

San Francisco has its cable cars. Boston has the Mattapan High-Speed Line. A historical anachronism that still carries real passengers to and from work, the line features refurbished 70-year-old "PCC" trolleys that wend their way between Ashmont and Mattapan Square through woods, marshes and a cemetery and past backyards and old mill buildings.

The line attracts railfans from around the world:

Railfans love 'em

The MBTA goes to considerable trouble to restore old Green Line trolleys into old-style Mattapan cars. The wood floors are redone, the exteriors are repainted. After a car is refurbished, it's driven around the Mattapan train yard for at least 500 miles to break it in.





To the annoyance of the mechanics who maintain the cars, however, some riders are less than respectful of the new paint:


The only place you'll see this logo is on Mattapan cars:


If Charlie on the MTA died, his ghost would ride in this demon snowplow car:


Read some more on Mattapan trolleys



Just looked at all your pictures, and read about your outing..What a great way to spend the day..I didn't realize we had such good looking people on the WGC..Ken, are you the same Ken, who has a picture hanging at the Union Oyster House? I seem to remember a Ken, who use to write in, a year or so, back..Hope you all make it to the Lowell Festival..My sister goes every year..My mother grew up in what they called Mill Town, in the early 1900's..Thanks to all of you for sharing your day with us..Marianne

May 6, 2003 01:00 PM

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