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Putting the "T" in "bitch"

Devin writes:
I was at Downtown Crossing around midnight on Friday night waiting for a southbound train. There were only a few other people waiting. Then two people came from the Park Street tunnel with bicycles and a T employee told them they couldn't have bycicles in Downtown Crossing and that they would have to go outside and get back on at Chinatown. She explained how, "It's like a law and stuff," and that it's a fire hazard... but that it's only for Downtown Crossing and Park Street, you can have a bicycle in the other stations.

Buy my question would by why it's a fire hazard to have a bicycle in Downtown Crossing, but it's not a fire hazard in Chinatown.

So, they argued about this for a while. A crowd gathered around and people started questioning the T person why bycicles weren't allowed. Everybody was supporting the byciclists, except in the background I could here one guy saying, "Just leave, you're going to make me miss my bus." The two people refused to leave so the T woman called the T police and explained how she was just looking out for them because now they would miss the last train of the night because they would be talking to the TPD.

So the next train pulls into the station before the police can arrive. They both get on the train and the T woman holds the door open and tells them to get off, but they don't. She goes over to the conductor and explains what is happening. The train sits there for a minute or two. Then the woman goes back to the booth to talk to somebody else, the conductor closed the doors and the train moved on.

The conductor was probably thinking, "Oh please, you want to make me late getting home because two people have bycicles on an empty train?" That woman really puts the "T" in bitch.


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