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Oh, rats!

Brett writes:
I got on the B at Harvard Ave one time. Took the last seat on the T and started reading. "Pssst!" I hear. I turn to my right and see this crazy looking dude with 2 brown paper bags in his lap, 1 big, 1 little. His eyes were wide and excited like a little kid. Yellow stained teeth. Messy hair. Real Freak. He says "Hey, I've got a rat in this bag the size of a football..." I said "suuuure you do" and kept reading.

He turned his attention to another guy and started trying to chat him up. Then he reached into the little bag and I see a tail come out and my heart skips. Turns out to be a little white mouse which he proceeds to let sit on his shoulder and crawl all over him. He's showing it affection. It's his best friend. So now I'm staring at his big bag on the ground about 2 feet from me with trepidation.

About 15 minutes goes by, like Packards Corner to BU. Then he exclaims "I can't take it, I gotta show you, he's so beautiful!" and Bam! out comes the biggest street rat in North America. Big like a football just like he said with a big white stripe. Ive seen many rats living in Allston but this was by far the largest.

A collective groan of disgust erupts from about the 5 people who have noticed. I storm away down the car cursing the crazy bastard. and he's down at his end caressing this rat laughing at me. asking "did I upset you?" I yelled some more "rat-boy" expletives at him and he got off about 2 stops later with his 2 brown bags. That one took the cake, imagine if he would have let it loose on the T.

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My exgirlfriend loved rats. She thought they made the best pets in the world. That pet store in Allston on Harvard Ave, they had a hairless rat by the front window and we had to stop to look at it for five minutes every time we passed by.

April 7, 2003 12:07 PM

If it had a white stripe, it wasn't a street rat, it was a domestic rat - and completely harmless. Domestic rats bite less often than hamsters or most other small pets, and are very clean (they'll even clean their nasty, dirty human owners). Grow up. The guy was weird, but if he'd let it loose on the T probably all that would have happened would be that the poor rat would get trampled or squashed by passengers.

November 1, 2005 09:42 PM

Rats are great pets. I have 6, but only one is a large one. He is about the size of a big slam mountain dew. Rats are cool.

November 15, 2005 10:28 PM

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