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Stuck on the Red Line

Angela Maria Lobefaro writes:
On March 8th 2003, I took the Red Line.

The rubber on the steps of the car was not glued well (where the yellow is painted on the border of the steps), my shoelaces got stuck in that hole.

I tried twice to pull away my foot - with other passanger behind me trying to get into the car, but my foot was still stuck. I turned to see what was holding my foot and pulled my foot even more strongly, people were waiting to get into the the car, and the car moved and I felt badly on my right shoulder, right hip, right knee, right hand.

My doctor yesterday came to visit me and wrote me 15 days of rest then physiotherapy. I had no time to complain in Boston as I was flying back to Italy on March 9th. And my flight ticket was not changable, not refundable. I will write to the T and send them my doctors prescription. A friend of mime was on the car with me, and also many other passengers have watched the scene. I am astonished at these serious problems the Boston T has; if I wer 70 I would have broken my hip. I am lucky just to have pains in my whole right part of the body.


This is a somewhat strange story as the Red Line has platform level entry, and the cars have no steps.

December 2, 2004 10:51 AM

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