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Holly wreathes

Michael West writes:
I used to be a frequent visitor to Boston, and love the city very much. The T though is always a great experience, and i could travel on it all day. Last Xmas, I was travelling from Coolidge Corner into Park Street. As per usual that time of year, the T was packed to the rafters, and it was standing room only. At St. Marys, I was engrossed in something (prob a girl's butt) when this man with a holly wreath confronts me, and starts to ask me "How much do you think this cost". I said I had no idea, and for the rest of the journey he chatted about the rising cost of ivy, and holly wreaths. Then he noticed my English accent, and I had to give him the full run down on holly wreaths quality and price back in the UK. It was just the most bizarre journey i had ever taken! I have never forgotten him!!


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