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St. Mary's for a song

I've been on the train with the singing subway driver. When people got off at Kenmore, he told them he would miss them and started singing "If you leave me now"; then when he closed the doors, he said "I thought they would never leave."

Then when the train got to the St. Mary's stop, a young kid was holding the door open and waiting for his friend and the driver yelled "Either get on or off the train" and after the kids got on and went down the back of the train the driver said "Thank you so much, I really appreciated it," because they didn't thank him for waiting.

It was probably the first time (and only time) I didn't want to get off the train.


It was definately not the first time, this driver is an artists who does this every week, I am an Emerson College student and I am currently making a documentary about this driver, with his assistance. I would love to talk to anyone who's willing if you have the chance, email me,

February 15, 2004 06:45 PM

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