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Zip it, bud

A couple years ago I was on the Red Line and glanced over at a tall man wearing a jogging shirt and baggy shorts. He was sitting just across, and diagonal from me. I noticed that he had his legs spread somewhat wide, and his "manhood" was hanging out of his shorts leg.

In my naivete I almost got up to whisper in the man's ear about his inadvertant exposure -- not thinking immediately that this was indeed for the shock value to the young women sitting directly across from him (and his own perverse gratification).

Somehow word was leaked to the conductor of the train, because at the Harvard stop, two policemen boarded the train...

The offender, ran down the interior of the car, his "manhood" trapped outside his shorts opening still, and flapping, as he ran to escape the policemen.

Certainly a story I'll never forget!


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