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A sticky situation

This one time I was riding the Red Line home from the South Shoah with my boyfriend, and as soon as there were empty seats we sat down (you know how it is). Well, I tried to get back up right away because something came back up with me when I did. So I said, really loud, "(boyfriend)! Theah's somethin' sticky on my butt! It's stuck to my ass!" So everyone on the train turned around to look. I pulled the most disgusting, half-melted, covered in fuzzy sh*t, pre-digested lollipop off of the back of my pants, looked at it in shock, then tossed it onto the floor saying "it was USED!" This one guy whipped his head around, he'd been reading a newspaper and I guess he thought it was a condom. I thank God every day it WASN'T. Ugh.


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