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Public art
Roslindale Scrapbook /

Urban hieroglyphics

A pedestrian bridge across the Amtrak and commuter-rail tracks connects Metropolitan Avenue in Roslindale with Metropolitian Avenue in Hyde Park. It's covered in grafitti that no doubt is laden with deep significance to somebody. Most of us, however, can only wonder who, or what, LOC is and why somebody had to come all the way down from Eggie, a.k.a. Egleston Square, to mark his presence. It's almost enough to make you think this seemingly abandoned bridge in the middle of nowhere is, in fact, at the front line of some unseen war.

Below: L.A. gangs invading Rozzie?

FNV better watch out:

Self portaits?

LOC comes to town:

Even a complete naif can figure out some of the messages, although one wonders why somebody used a bridge between Roslindale and Hyde Park to complain about West Roxbury - the alleged toughs over there probably have no idea where Metropolitan Avenue is:

Dale Street is on the Rozzie side of the bridge - the sentiment below was expressed on the Hyde Park side:



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