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HEH-LO! The return of the ice-cream man

Click for Henry!For several summers, Henry the Ice Cream Man has traversed the streets of Roslindale, always accompanied by this weird song featuring quacking ducks, oinking pigs, barking dogs and a maniac woman yelling "HEH-LO!"

This spring, Henry came around a couple times, then disappeared. Did he go back to Jordan? Was he abducted by aliens? No, he was spending the summer in Gloucester, where, apparently, the pickings are much better for ice-cream men (which we learned when he showed up on our street a couple weeks back on a gloomy day when business was non-existant on Cape Ann). So mostly it's been a summer without an ice-cream man. But today, some other guy showed up with a new(ish) truck and a similar song - no ducks, no pigs, no dogs, but still with the crazy lady yelling "HEH-LO!" To fully appreciate this, turn your sound way up, click on the photo and then imagine his truck stopped right outside your house (1.5M QuickTime file).



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