Boston Online privacy policy

At Boston Online, we value your privacy. What follows is a description of how we collect information about you and what we do (or don't do) with it:

Your name and e-mail address

There are currently two ways that we might find out who you are and how to contact you:

  1. You sign up for our Wicked New mailing list
  2. You post a message in the Wicked Good Conference

The Wicked New mailing list consists of periodic e-mail from us about new features and forums on Boston Online. In order to receive it, you have to provide, at a minimum, your e-mail address. We do not sell or lease our mailing list to third parties. If you have subscribed to the list, you'll find a URL at the bottom of each mailing to get off the list. Or write

The Wicked Good Conference is an online forum for discussing Boston. You do not need to register to read messages. However, if you wish to start a new discussion or reply to an existing post - or if you wish to have the system keep track of messages for you - you will need to create a free account. To do so, you'll be asked for a user name and an e-mail address. Optionally, you can also add additional information that will be displayed to other forum users who click on your user name in the forum user directory. If you want, you can make your e-mail address public so that others can e-mail you. However, if you are concerned about spammers "harvesting" your e-mail address from the conference, you do not have to include your address (the tradeoff being that other forum users then have no way to contact you in private). Once you create an account, you can have the system send you e-mail notifications when people reply to your posts or when people post new messages in specific forums.

To activate your account, we'll send you a confirmation e-mail notice. Beyond that, and the uses mentioned above, we do not do anything with your account information. For example, we do not sell our user names to marketers.


Boston Online currently uses cookies in a couple of different ways:

If you post a message in the Wicked Good Conference or use its Preferences system (which lets you define how to display discussions and how far back to display messages), the software will attempt to put a cookie on your hard drive. This cookie will identify you to the conference the next time you link to it, so that it can tell you which messages are new (i.e., posted since the last time you logged in) and to display them in your preferred form. We do not do anything else with this information.

Boston Online has banner advertising. Some of these advertisers may attempt to write a cookie to your hard drive when you visit their sites.

In either case, if you do not wish to receive a cookie, you can disable them via your browser (each browser has a different way to do this). Caveat: Without cookies enabled, you will not be able to have the forum remember your preferences or new-message settings from session to session, i.e., you will have to log in each time.

If you have any questions about our privacy and cookie polices, please don't hesitate to contact Adam Gaffin at