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Here's to you


Happy hours are illegal in Massachusetts (thanks, Mike Dukakis!), so the closest you'll get to one is the Happy Hour Bar on Washington Street in Roslindale Square.

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Flame-broiled lo mein
Dragon Chef's on Washington Street in Roslindale Square. See it larger...


Dragon Chef's on Washington Street in Roslindale Square.

See it larger

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Get the Happy Family


At Golden House, Washington Street and Metropolitan Avenue.

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Took the 's' off for savings?

Spanish food AND pizza! How can you beat that combo? You can't, so head over to Las Palmas on Washington Street, a couple blocks south of Roslindale Square. Yes, based on this photo, looks like somebody goofed at the neon factory...

This restaurant has gone through several owners and food styles in recent years, from Italian pizza as Pizza Paradiso to sort of Greek pizza as Murphy's Pizza to today's Spanish name and food (oh, and pizza).

Posted: December 03, 2002 | Permanent link | Comments (0)

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