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What is a dive?

Mike H: Your feet stick to the floor.

Steve: If the drinkers can lie on the floor without holding on they're not drunk!

topfoog: A good "dive" bar has a cross section of drinkers from all social levels! Humanity is homogenized for the evening. Decorations from Christmas of 1963 continue to adorn the Mens room. The barkeep has his inventory in bottlecaps on the ledges above the mirrors. And ice cubes are thrown at anyone who begins to nap at the bar. A good neighborhood dive has all the regulars who have their particular seats. New women are always offered a warm stool when visiting!

Kapoodie: the sort of place where...the dirt is the only thing holding the place together.

Beso: You have to smell like a carton of cigarettes when you leave. No drink can be over $3.75. The men's room has no door. No urinals, only a trough (Gee, this could be Fenway Park!!!). The jukebox can have no song recorded after 1981. They have frozen pizza or hard boiled eggs. They sell Knickerbocker, Schaefer or Schlitz.

Ralphie: They don't serve frozen drinks.

Marianne: Where you woudn't bring your wife/girlfriend, according to the opinions above.

March: ...where men are men, and you'll never find an SUV-wielding tourist. ...where the dominant smells are cigarettes and stale beer. The bathroom, lit by only one fluorescent tube, smells strongly of urinal cakes, and the stall door doesn't actually latch shut. ...where there's only one television set showing the ballgame that one guy is watching witout the sound. ...where you don't have to elbow your way through a dense crowd of yuppies to get to the bar only to be ignored by the bartender who thinks he Tom Cruise in the movie "Cocktail".

Helen Falck: You wouldn't take your mother there for a drink.

So what's your favorite dive?

Submit it!

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