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South End

The Eagle
Tremont Street

Roaches friendly enough to share their beer with you...oh wait, its *your* beer, and a bartender straight from the bitchy side of hell. A bathroom that hasn't been cleaned since the Eisenhower administration, and clientele who couldn't care less about any of these things so long as they find that special someone to sleep/paddle/screw before the night is over. All these things and more make the eagle a dive (albeit a very fun one). -- Dan_Boston

Posted: October 30, 2002 | Permanent link | Comments (3)

The Waltham
298 Shawmut Ave.

Located in the "tony" South End, this place has survived. The ceilings are low, the lighting is bad, the regulars look like they have been going here for thirty years, they serve cheap beer in cans, the bartender takes care of the patrons if they have had too much, the felt on the pool table is too smooth, to shoot pool you need a "short stick" to make shots from one side of the table, and it smells like, well, it smells just like a dive should smell. -- Comm. Ave.

Posted: October 30, 2002 | Permanent link | Comments (3)

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