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Hogan's Run
Corner of Lincoln and Market Streets.

Pete from Allston writes:
It was more apparent what kind of place this was when it was painted all black on the outside and was simply the Lincoln Cafe (in fact, we used to call it "The Black Box" because it looked like the square black pilots' bar of that name that Homer Simpson once sneaked into). The bright green and white outside now looks almost silly with its dim and nicotine-stained interior within.

Chances are, if you're not a regular, you'll be looked over when you walk in, but be nice and you'll stay out of trouble. This is a good place to hide away from the crowds and shoot a game of pool on Sunday afternoon, and enjoy the famous $1 Bud drafts. They allegedly have food, too, but I've never been that brave.

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Mary Ann's
Beacon Street at Cleveland Circle

Is Mary Ann's in Cleveland Circle still open? That used to be the official BC let's-get-drunk-and-throw-rocks-at-cops dive bar. -- Adam Gaffin

Still there but you won't find anyone over 22. -- Beso

You're right. I once went there when I was 22 (fresh out of college, new to town) and felt old. Perhaps it was the girl who threw up on my friend's shoe? I can't call MaryAnn's a proper dive because it's a college bar. Those are always gamey looking. -- Andrea

I used to live near there, and everything I've heard about it was spoken proudly by its BC student and alumni patrons: that it smells like barf and urine, it's dirty, disgusting. But also it's the unofficial BC watering hole and these people were beaming with pride as they described this filth. Maybe it's a BC thing that I don't get. I guess it's part of Eagle Pride to want to wallow in filth? Somebody explain this to me. A good dive bar is charming but that place sounds so nasty I wouldn't go near there. -- Sarcastic Sam

Two siblings and innumerable friends went to BC and frequented this place. I've even been in there once (my brother at BC *had* to go for his 21st). Rumor has it they let some homeless guy live in the basement if he cleans up all the puke/urine/spillage after hours. Lovely. -- Will

I have been there more times then I wish to count and it's no better or worse than any dive bar. -- Beso

Posted: October 30, 2002 | Permanent link | Comments (8)

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