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Model Cafe
Union Square

Your feet immediately get stuck to the floor upon entering. You have to go to the bathroom in twos -- one to hold the door closed for the other. People you don't know talk to you about what they've seen other people do for a beer, and about pawning jewelery. A good time is had by all. -- Anonymous:

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3 Harvard Ave.

This place is full of scary, yet strangely entertaining, local laborers of various nationalities and often has live music on its miniscule platform they call a stage. The maximum occupancy of this bar can't be more than 50, yet they somehow manage to squeeze in nearly twice that. The floors are always slippery (if you drop anything, just leave it) and the bathrooms are best avoided if possible. Nevertheless, this is a fun place to go if one want to get the full experience of a true townie/alcoholic infested local bar, virtually uninfluenced by the changes in mainstream society.
-- Kerry Bailey

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Union Square

Nominated by Terence.

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Silhouette Lounge
200 Brighton Ave.

Old Milwaukee on tap only $1.25, free baskets of popcorn, nicotine-stained walls, ceiling and waitstaff. BONUS: Seperate room in the back of the bar with 5 dartboards. Unfortuneatly the bar only has a license to serve until 1 a.m., make it an early night, or head off to one of the other Allston bars. -- Shaka X.

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