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Hogan's Run
Corner of Lincoln and Market Streets.

Pete from Allston writes:
It was more apparent what kind of place this was when it was painted all black on the outside and was simply the Lincoln Cafe (in fact, we used to call it "The Black Box" because it looked like the square black pilots' bar of that name that Homer Simpson once sneaked into). The bright green and white outside now looks almost silly with its dim and nicotine-stained interior within.

Chances are, if you're not a regular, you'll be looked over when you walk in, but be nice and you'll stay out of trouble. This is a good place to hide away from the crowds and shoot a game of pool on Sunday afternoon, and enjoy the famous $1 Bud drafts. They allegedly have food, too, but I've never been that brave.

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Hey Pete,

Thanks for the great comments. Nicotine stains are a thing of the past. We now enforce the smoking ban so you can smoke out in the patio between your games of pool. Where else can you go to get beers for a buck, clean air, Keno, and a lively local atmosphere. We will keep you updated on our new construction plans; kitchen, new bar, and our same low prices.

Tom Hogan

Posted by Tom on May 10, 2003 03:41 PM

Just moved into the neighborhood a few months ago and of all the bars in the area, my roomate and I got a warmer welcome at hogan's than anywhere else. Plenty of friendly people, cheap beer and leathal gin and tonics. Be sure to ask to meet Artie "the one-man-party"

Posted by Brian on December 15, 2003 12:28 AM

I'm new to the area and new to Hogan's...I've only been there a couple times but I plan on keep going back for more! Keep up the great work!

Bob O'Brien

Posted by Bob O'Brien on November 15, 2004 08:34 PM

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