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3 Harvard Ave.

This place is full of scary, yet strangely entertaining, local laborers of various nationalities and often has live music on its miniscule platform they call a stage. The maximum occupancy of this bar can't be more than 50, yet they somehow manage to squeeze in nearly twice that. The floors are always slippery (if you drop anything, just leave it) and the bathrooms are best avoided if possible. Nevertheless, this is a fun place to go if one want to get the full experience of a true townie/alcoholic infested local bar, virtually uninfluenced by the changes in mainstream society.
-- Kerry Bailey


Yes. O'Brien's rocks. Shoy up Wednesday, April 9 for a great metal show: Shattered Existence. It's sure to be a jam-packed aural onslaught. $5 cover and $1.50 beers. See you there. E-mail me with questions about the band or to receive a demo:

Posted by Liz Snair on March 13, 2003 11:42 PM

O'Brien's is the best dive bar around. If you're looking for ambiance, or trendy music, you can go across the street to the Kinvara. If you want to meet some real down to earth people, go to O'Brien's. It's probably one of the last bars in the Boston area that you can go to see a really good Metal Show....especially the first Thursday of every month. Check out the Bostons' Dead series. Get drunk and have a good time! :-)

Posted by Wife of Satan on December 4, 2003 12:39 PM

I saw a band called Gas, Food and Lodging in February sometime and another band came on before them who sounded almost like sublime, anyone know the name of this band?

Posted by Victoria on March 31, 2004 12:00 AM

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