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Do your best to get to O'Malley's very soon, since it'll be closing by the end of January, 2003. Say hi to Red, and ask to see the George Harrison biography that mentions him.

Many people shy away from this true dive, but it's honestly the most unpretentious, real Allston experience to be found. The only true cross-section of the community of any local bar, not overwhelmed by youngsters until very late on weekends (and not really on weeknights at all). I don't know where these guys will go when this place closes. Even the Silhouette is a hipster bar by comparison.

Posted by Pete from Allston on December 31, 2002 01:09 PM

R.I.P. O'Malley's. This one was truly no joke.
Red the owner is a hell of a nice guy, but the clientele here looked like they crawled outta the bushes. After an eye opener these "urban campers" would then promptly go back to sleep at the tables. "Mr. Butch" of Kenmore Sq. fame was fond of the place if that tells you anything.
Drinking in here on a Sunday evening while watching "60 Minutes" was as close to the void as you want to go.

Posted by Murph on March 21, 2004 03:31 PM

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