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NOTE: Boston Common is no longer being updated. For the latest Boston-area blog posts, please see Universal Hub

After much thought and no small amount of teeth gnashing: I've decided to transmogrify Boston Common into Universal Hub.

First, thanks to everyone who wrote when I broached the idea a few weeks back. You are all wonderful and you've given me a ton of ideas I now need to implement.

Second, to folks who are worried about losing their minimum daily requirement of quirky Boston stuff: Don't be. I'll still be doing the same exact thing over there that I'm doing here (in fact, if you go there, you'll notice the home page is basically a mirror of the Boston Common home page).

"So, dude," you're asking, "why bother?" Not to get all high-falutin' and all, but I think we (and here I mean "all of us," not the editorial "we") can build something really cool, fun and useful: Boston's first user-written news and information site. Every day, you guys post noteworthy and even newsworthy stuff that BigMedia just isn't covering.
Can we take all that, mix in a way for non-bloggers to post articles, create mini-sites for all our neighborhoods and really shake things up? It'll be fun to try! As much as I like Movable Type, I think building this community site will be a lot easier to do with the software behind Universal Hub (Drupal).

For the past few weeks, Steve Garfield and I have been trying to fine-tune the Universal Hub site, to make it as easy to use as possible. Try it out and let us know (at what doesn't work or what the site really needs. Anybody who's interested in becoming an "editor" or who wants to get together some night to figure out this "community journalism" thing, let Steve and me know!

I haven't set an exact date for the cutover (as I'm sure you'll discover, there's still work I need to do on the site), but with any luck within the next month. I'll keep you posted. And thanks for being such interesting and fun people!


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