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Interview with a panhandler


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For the past month or so, Jon's noticed a panhandler by the Store 24 on Beacon Street in Brookline. Today, he gives him a buck and decides to ask him some questions:

As tonight was quite mild, I thought I'd give him some time along with some change. How long does it take to collect a buck? I asked him. Twenty minutes, he told me. I said, alright, you've got my time for twenty minutes.

So I asked him where he lived (in a "halfway house" the street from me), where/if he worked (3 odd jobs today). This information isn't of any use to the greater Internet, as it is to my Griggs Park and Washington St. neighbors, to whom I sent some more details. I told them I wasn't pleading a special case; I was just sharing information. ...

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cynthia says (on February 10, 2005 03:46 PM):

i don't understand this guy--he expected the panhandler to be grateful for conversation? isn't that pretty condescending?

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