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Carpundit explains why the Patriots parade made him grumpy enough not to take photos:

... I almost got run over going to the T this morning because of the stupid crowd barricades that they weren't smart enough to leave open at the crosswalks for the morning commuters, and I'm being deafened by the idiots yelling at passing cars on Cambridge Street hours before the parade even starts two miles away, and I simply don't understand the mentality of someone whose best use of today is to appear at City Hall Plaza at 6AM, strip off his shirt, and start screaming, and there are like 50 of them within screaming distance of me, and it depresses me about the state of humankind and makes me question why I toil in a public-service job when that's the public I'm serving. ...

He also doesn't understand the parents who let their teens show up drunk enough to vomit on Boylston Street.


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