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Mats is probably pretty hoarse this morning:

If you live inside Route 128, you probably heard me scream "cover schemes, cover schemes!" throughout the fourth quarter.

But he concludes:

Thank you, Robert Kraft! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Three out of four and I still want more. This never gets old.

Sparky: Woo Woo!

Patriots Insider: Can they Three-peat?

Jen reveals her Super Bowl weight-loss plan:

Despite eating roughly my own weight in Super Bowl Party Food, I didn't gain so much as a pound. This leads me to conclude that alternately cheering one's team and running outside to stand in the cold because you're having a hot flash burns a whole lot of calories. ...

Domenico: Can anyone doubt they are a new dynasty or that they are the dominant force in football?

Jonelle: Hey, TO. How's the ankle?

I picked the BEST year to move back to Boston.

Girl: I could get used to this winning thing.

Wally disses most of the commercials and the halftime show:

... Paul McCartney has written some pretty incredible songs, but there's something immensely disturbing about seeing a bunch of 16-year-old girls dancing and screaming while a 60-year-old knight plays songs that were old before they were even born. ...

Charley gives his ultimate praise to Bellichick:

Genius, Dynasty... And let's add... Democrat.

Farmer Joe rides the wave, but can't help but sigh:

If only there were hockey this year.

Michael remembers:

It really wasn't all It really wasn't all that long ago that being a sports fan in Massachusetts meant pain and agony.

He says in a way he's sorry it had to happen to Philadelphia, which also deserves a win (just not at our expense).

Speaking of Philly, let's go now to The City of Brotherly Love:

Damn? How 'bout Damn, Damn, Damn! ... No one choked yesterday. It was a game fought to the end. There's some legitimate criticism to go around, but I hope this team remains intact.

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