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Blogorelli gives us clueless types the 411:

... Why, just the other night my dinner companion noted that quilted, black coats had become the overcovering of choice for many Bostonian women.

"Like the one I'm wearing?!" I replied in disgust.

"No...yours is better. It's tan," he rebuffed.

The best place to spot trends you will eventually love to hate is Urban Outfitters. This shopping locale is also THE location to experience scenerios like the "Am I Too Old to Be Dressing in This 80s Trend (again)?," the "Casual Fridays Mean Showing Less than 1 Inch of Bum Crack, So Do These $100 Jeans Pass?" and the always-entertaining "That Bitch Just Stole the Last 'I'm Desperate (Housewives)' tee...But She Flat Irons Her Hair so I'm Prettier." ...

But all that is really just a prelude to the week's most in-depth discussion of the hot new word: Crunk.


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