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Hey, MBTA: Fix your turnstiles


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Carpundit puts a token in the slot at his favorite Back Bay stop on the Green Line this morning. The turnstile doesn't work. The always surly token-booth person is busy. So he jumps the turnstile. And is promptly turned in by the token clerk as a fare jumper:

I turned and saw an angry, red-faced, thirty-something, MBTA cop striding through the gate toward me. ... The turnstile was sticking, people were jumping it, and the token clerk was calling them in as fare evaders. I learned all that from the shouting match the MBTA cop got into with a businessman who had witnessed not only my encounter, but apparently the token clerk's encounters with people as well, and was not happy about the MBTA's efficiency or customer service. So the MBTA cop should have known, or did know, that the problem was an MBTA one, not one of rampant miscreancy....

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