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Boston cop an accomplice to murder?


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Some reactions to the Globe article that suggests a Boston policeman helped his cousin get away with a murder.Carpundit wonders if the Globe got the story wrong or if maybe the case is being handled differently because the guy is a cop:

Imagine the same facts, but take the officer out of it: Two cousins from Dorchester travel to Randolph in one car, one of them kills a man, and they both drive away. Now imagine the police can find only the non-shooting cousin. What do they do with him? They arrest him. Every time.

John, though, says the Globe was simply irresonsible in running the story:

The cop that served as the source for the last paragraph in this story, Suzanne Smalley who wrote the peice, and the Globe by publishing it, may well be putting lives in jeopardy. They all should know better.

Ghost, meanwhile, notes that the murder took place at a club frequented by Cape Verdeans:

This is one of the dozen cases of shootings and violence involving the Cape Vedean youth that has not only give us a bad name in the media but also has cause great suffering and pain to families and the CV community. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

What can we do to definitely reduce and stop violence and shootings among us?


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jjdaley says (on February 4, 2005 06:52 AM):

Just a mild clarification: I don't object to the Globe running the story. It's an important allegation when a cop is purported to have been involved in a murder. Something like that should be covered.

It's just that last paragraph in the story that I have a problem with. Smally and her source should not be publicly speculating, under the circumstances, about who committed past murders.

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carpundit says (on February 5, 2005 03:04 PM):

For my part, I don't object to the Globe printing anything. I object to police department leaks about ongoing cases.

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