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Time for college students to grow up


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Jen is sick of local college students whining about the police or the city or liquor stores and says if they don't want trouble after the Super Bowl, they should just stop acting like assholes:

... Guess what? I was a college kid, and I wasn't an asshole, so I know it's possible. I also know lots of other people who weren't idiots or jackasses in college. ...

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girliesogroovie says (on February 4, 2005 08:13 AM):

uh, remember this, Jen?

it's not just college kids who are assholes.

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garym says (on February 4, 2005 10:01 AM):

And that incident shows that not being an asshole doesn't guarantee being safe from the cops.

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kellen says (on February 4, 2005 11:42 AM):

i just want to point out that not all the people being assholes are college students. there are some high schoolers out there too, and we can't blame the parents of high schoolers like we can blame the colleges. i work at suffolk and we have had verbal, smail mail, email, and in person talks by the police, campus security, and president about how we are supposed to behave. i doubt anyone would take the trouble to explain this to the other non-college rioters. it's ludicrous to say that all the rioters are college students.

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