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He watches the Buster episode with his daughter - and lightning doesn't strike him down


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Bri reports he watched Buster Bunny visit the syrup-making lesbians in Vermont - with his daughter:

When it was finished, like the responsible adult that I am, I decided to discuss the episode with her:

"So," I began "Did you notice anything different in the show?"

"They used milking machines instead of milking the cows by hand." replied my six-year old.

"Yes. That's true... but did you notice anything different about the families?"

"They had a bonfire."

"True... but was there anything different from our family?"

"They ate real cheese. Not that weird Kraft stuff."

"Again, that is correct... but what about the mothers. Was there anything different about them?"

"One of them was as big as Kirstie Alley(tm)." ...

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