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Ron ambles by the now former Loews Copley Place Cinemas:

[W]orkers were already busy taking the place apart. One of them was putting black paint over the box office windows and the theatre doors. Another was carting speakers out through a service door. I tried to wander around looking, but eventually got shooed out.

I bet that within another week, shoppers in the mall won't even see that a cinema used to be here.

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jeez says (on February 3, 2005 11:12 AM):

How many years until the last of the movie theaters close?

Is public film exhibition doomed because of high quality digital video and sound and on-demand broadband movie ordering?

Will there be vestiges of public exhibition in IMAX-or-better quality special theaters?

Or will public film exhibition change into a different type of event like the dinner movie theater in Framingham or the pub theater in Stoughton?

Info: The Dedham Community has a beer and wine license now. You can drink wine with your "Sideways."

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