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Coincidence or something more?


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Now living in Israel, Moshe reports he was leaving a cemetery ceremony in Beit Shemesh when he ran into the former rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel in Malden - there for the first-year remembrance of the death of a key congregation member. Moshe joins in the service, then notices a tombstone for Rabbi Oskar Bookspan - who was his son's introduction to synagogue life in Brookline:

... There were 2 empty seats in the front left of the synagogue. 2 empty seats next to an old man, Rabbi Oscar Bookspan. We took those seats and for the next 4 years, my son was able to enjoy the character of this sweet, kind and gentle old man. He passed away in 2000 and I remember how our son cried when hearing the news. His funeral was held in Israel and we never knew where he was buried. Never knew until today. ...

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