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One of the fascinating things about "Boston English" is how, even in our fairly small corner of the world, there are enough differences that some claim they can tell what parish you live in just by how you pronounce 20 or so specific words. And then there's The Lake in Newton, where people use words that might be descended from Romany spoken by Gypsies:

... Any of you divia mushes or bree know where mandi-ki can get a history of Lake language? I was born there and was told that it came from "carny talk". That might have been an overchay because I was just a chabby then. ...

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Netexpert says (on March 11, 2005 05:57 AM):

There was a Newton Tab article titled "The Secret Language of Nonantum" that discussed this. Can anyone repost this?

A similar Globe article, with less linguistic detail is:

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