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Advice from Yoda


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Even when he doesn't have a kid with him, Paul always puts the child's seat down in the shopping cart. A few days ago, he's in an aisle at Shaws, lost in thought, when a wizened Yoda-like guy comes up to him and offers a tip:

... "See," he tells me and it's not like he thinks I'm retarded, but I'm a guy and might not know these things, "that plastic thing is a seat for when ya gotta kid. You don't need to put that down, ya see. Leave it up. That way your purchases don't slide around if you're puttin' 'em there. See?"

"Yyyyeah," I say, trying not to sound like I'm talking to a retard. "Good idea. Thanks for that."

"Noooo problem! Ya have a good night" he tells me and waddles off. ...

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