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Dam it!


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Warm temperatures after blizzards can mean only one thing, as Jo reports: ice dams:

... When I walked into the silent kitchen the first thing that I heard was *drip*. I looked at the tap in the sink. Touched the tap, dry as a bone...*drip* - behind me. My kitchen is an addition and right where it meets the original house water was dripping all over my beautiful wood cupboard, running down the face and inside the doors and pooling on my unfinished hard wood floor. F*CK! Ice dams have struck. Thankfully I stored my roasting pan on top of the cupboard so it had about 2 inches of water in it that was thankfully not on my wood cupboard and floor. ...

Christine's house is also dammed:

We woke up to dripping at 7am this morning. The corner of the house where our bedroom meets the kitchen seems to be made of Bounty Paper Towels because it's just absorbin' away... and dripping into our bedroom closet. ...

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