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Death to Buster Bunny


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No, Christine has no problems with Buster visiting with lesbians in Vermont. It's just that the cartoon sucks:

... Listen you little ingrate -- Let some other kid travel with the rock band all over the country learning about stuff. You long-eared bonehead. Die!

Someone please shoot me now. I need to be saved from myself. I could spend all damn day ripping the episode guide and blog and music on this stupid website to shreds. But I have an ice dam to go clear.

She explains in more depth in another posting just why this show is an abomination:

... The show sucks. It just plain, flat-out sucks the wool off passing sheep. They've got cartoon segments, video with human beings segments and the crappiest music I've ever heard in my life. The episode I watched had surfing in Cocoa Beach Florida... and the song just made me want to drive spikes into my ears to make it stop. ...

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