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No more movies at Copley Place


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Ron reports:

I happened to walk through the Copley Place mall tonight and notice this sign on the cinema marquee:


Once this closes, there will be only two movie theatres wholly within Boston city limits: AMC Fenway and Loews Boston Common.

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jeez says (on January 29, 2005 10:31 PM):

Too bad. Haven't been there since the Boston Common opened, though. It could have been a place for small/foreign films, but it wasn't in a good place, and the theaters themselves were too small and too noisy (thin walls)

So it joins (movie theaters closed since 1975):

The Savoy (now Opera House)
The Saxon (now Emerson Majestic)
The Stuart
Park Square theater
The Astor
The Exeter
The Abbey (2 scr), then
The Nickelodeon (2 or 3 scr)
Kenmore Square Theater
Cinema 733
Central Square Theater (2 scr)
The Paramount
The Publix
Orson Welles (2 scr)
Pi Alley (2 scr)
Beacon Hill Theater (2 scr)
The Charles (3 scr)
Dorchester Park (2 scr)
Pilgrim (Dorchester Morrissey Blvd)
West End Theater
Allston Theater (2 scrs)
The Symphony (1 and 2)

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Ron Newman says (on February 1, 2005 12:33 AM):

Nickelodeon had 5 screens when it closed.
Orson Welles had 3.
Beacon Hill had 3.

Also closed since 1975:
Cinema 57 (2 screens - one of which reopened as the Stuart Street Playhouse, a live stage)
Cheri (3 screens)
Essex Cinema (later Star Cinema; once upon a time this was the RKO Boston and then Boston Cinerama)
Center Theatre (later Pagoda)
Mayflower (briefly reopened as Modern, a live stage)
Pilgrim (if you count X-rated houses)
State (ditto)
Village Cinema, West Roxbury
Off the Wall Cinema, in Cambridge
Janus (formerly Galeria), in Cambridge
Broadway, in East Somerville
Regent, in Arlington (still open as a live stage, but only rarely shows movies anymore)
Wollaston, in Quincy (supposedly just closed for repairs, but...)

and a whole bunch more if you go further out into suburbs like Everett, Medford, Malden, Milton, Needham, Marblehead, etc. etc.

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jeez says (on February 3, 2005 01:17 AM):

Wow, thanks. I forgot about the Broadway in Somerville. I remember going to the old Sullivan Square station to go to movies there.

I saw Fannie Foxe stripping at the Pilgrim "burlesque" in 1972 or 1973, which included vaudeville comedy acts. Wasn't there when Wilbur Mills came on stage with her, though.

A couple more:

The Paris, on Boylston
The Art Cinema on Tremont (used to show non-porn).

My favorite was the Cinema 733, which had a double feature of classic and foreign movies every day. It was $1 before 2 pm.

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Chris Canary says (on June 3, 2005 02:41 AM):

Also gone...
The Broadway in South Boston
The Oriental near Franklin Park
The Kneeland at the corner of Washington and Kneeland

(The Essex and the Cinerama were 2 seperate theatres)

Not to forget the Drive-ins that have vanished...
The Neponset
Blue Hills
Meadow Glen
among others

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