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Nothing like some snow and sub-freezing temperatures to make your commute on the T extra special. Karl reports what happens when no Red Line train shows up and then, finally, one slowly appears, already crammed with people:

... Imagine buying some toothpicks in those see-thru plastic containers. You can jossle that thing around but the toothpicks don't budge. THAT was the subway this morning. ...

Wendy reports on the trackless trolley in Watertown this morning:

... Today, we were heading along the bus route as normal, after a tough but timely walk from my home, when the electricity along the entire route stopped. ... Luckily, it was only about fifteen minutes before the juice came back on, but people were looking about ready to riot. "I'm going to be late again," people whined into their cell phones. People were considering just walking back home and starting their weekends early. I was considering weeping, because sitting on a bus makes me incredibly nauseated. ...

Chris, who has seen his commute increase by 45 minutes or so this week, is amazed that Boston can't handle snow, but says he was saddened to read about a T worker killed in a snow-related accident on the tracks of the Orange Line:

... There seems to be perpetual conflict and suspicion between the MBTA and its riders, but it's moments like this that should make riders realize that delays are often despite the best efforts of MBTA employees ...

Cynthia goes "ick:"

This morning I can report that I actually saw a real-life man take a real-life piss in the Davis Square subway station. During morning rush hour no less. I always wondered how the subway stations manage to smell like urine when I've never seen anyone taking a leak in any stations. ...

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