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Michy has her eye on this tall guy who rides the C line through Brookline every day just like her - and has decided to do something about it:

Tonight I am going to wait at the station he gets on at night to make sure I get on the same train. ... [O]nce I am in a good enough position I will ask him if he has a girlfriend and something along those lines, introduce myself, and ask him about the book he is reading etc. I don't want to be messing up my commute every morning for some guy. So, my rationale is in life you or I need to make things happen, we need to take action. ...

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Anonymous says (on January 28, 2005 11:39 AM):

Advice for the tall guy: RUN.

She's obsessed. And she's got issues - therapy three times a week, plus a shrink every two weeks.

Read her blog back about a month.

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