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The unbearable whiteness of being snowed in again


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When life gives Colleen snow, she makes snow ice cream.

Note: Last night, when I proposed making up a large "FREE SNOW" sign to stick in our front yard, wife and kid simultaneously gave me one of those "Oh, God, he's at it again" looks. "Why would anybody want free snow?!?" the kid asked.

Beanboy is having a grand old time - indoors:

Traffic is at a standstill, no buses in sight, and two cars are stuck on the hill out in front of my house. Haha!

Denise is not having a grand old time in Chelsea:

slippery treacerous walk one the barely plowed streets, ice underneath the snow. waiting longer than usual for a bus. can't stand on the sidewalk for the bus because it was never shoveled or snowblowed out by the city.

Lis discusses the phenomenon of people leaving their windshield wipers sticking up:

... When I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed at least a half-dozen cars with their windshield wipers pulled out so they were sticking straight up (like antennae), rather than lying against the windshield as they normally do. ...

Magid enjoys the view on the way to work:

... T'ing into work, crossing the river, I looked out and there was nothing but white, the city enveloped in cloud, completely invisible. The city could have vanished, and there would be no way to tell. I look down the corridor at work, and again, it's all white, fog compounding the snow. It allows for possibilities. ...

In his Storm Force Action News Team's Special Report #3, Chris reports on getting ticketed and towed when he braves the elements to buy some cookies:

"I just stopped for five minutes to buy cookies," I explained.

"It's a snow emergency," the lumpy police officer answered, "you can't park here."

"Snow emergency? But it's not snowing anymore!"

"Yeah, but the emergency hasn't been lifted yet."

I'm sorry," I said. "I'll move the car, just please don't tow it. I need to get back to my warm house so I can begin eating these cookies."

"Sorry, your car has already been tagged," the officer said handing me a $150 ticket. Man, was he ever lumpy. ...

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