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Brr grr!


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After work (at the dining-room table; I stayed home today), Greta and I went to her favorite park for some snow tubing, followed by a quick trip to Roche Bros. (we are probably the only people in the world who didn't buy 82 gallons of milk on Saturday) and then to Roslindale's best Chinese takeout place (Golden House on Washington Street) for dinner.

And when we got home, we saw a plow had come through. And completely plowed in my on-street space (I know, I know, not really mine, but still). So now the car is out on the street, where I hope it doesn't get smashed into by some jerk in an SUV until I can, ugh, go back out in a few minutes and carve out a new space. Oh, yeah, and re-dig out the entrace to our driveway, so my wife can get out. And all that, and the plow did an absolutely sucky job at the end of our street, where there's a pretty sharp descent that's now basically an ice sheet. Grr!

Still, at least I didn't have a commute like Beth's:

... When I got inside (the Malden station on the Orange Line), I realized that something was wrong. Nobody was moving. It turned out that the platform was so crowded that no one was being allowed past the turnstiles. There was a near riot. Finally, we were herded up to to the commuter rail platform, instead of the Orange Line, which was not running. We waited in the cold for quite some time before a special train showed up to take us to North Station. ...

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